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At a time where our society needs more of us to have courageous and honest conversations, this work centers around creating safe and confidential spaces to help people, teams and groups successfully navigate tough or necessary conversations in order to effectively plan & collectively improve their impact.


We do this through a process called TeamChat. A TeamChat can be designed for teams of any size and take place over one or more sessions.


TeamChats are engaging, interactive and transformative experiences. Whether it is for two people or 200, TeamChats provide "a safe & brave space" for people, teams and groups to Learn, Think and Do TOGETHER.

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TeamChat FAQs


Help!! My team is struggling, and we need to have a serious conversation that none of us can, should or are willing to facilitate. Can a team chat help us?

Absolutely, TeamChats were created to meet needs just like this! Please click on the “Set Up a Consultation” button below to schedule up some time for us to talk.



What happens during a TeamChat?

A TeamChat is a process that includes assessment, conversation(s), action-planning and follow-up. We do pre-work to ensure the team conversation is productive and meaningful. Next, we host an experience using activities and tools that help to facilitate tough conversations. We then guide you through action-planning and follow-up to ensure you make progress.



The culture at my organization is toxic. Can a team chat fix this?

No single TeamChat experience will “fix” a toxic workplace or environment. That said, TeamChats can be helpful at getting teams to have honest conversations, diagnosis concerns, address the elephants in the room, build trust and begin or continue the conversations necessary to remove roadblocks to progress.



How much do TeamChats cost?

The cost for the full TeamChat process is billed hourly and will depend on the amount of time we need to work with your team or group to successfully execute the TeamChat. In general, TeamChats are an affordable option for most teams and groups. Pricing for the TeamChat process starts at about $5000 for small teams (up to 20 people).


My clients have described their TeamChats experiences as “a gamechanger” and “priceless” for their teams. In other words, TeamChats are worth every penny! Over time, TeamChats save and make teams more money by increasing team alignment, cohesiveness, efficiency and results.



We are in desperate need of a REAL conversation in order to achieve our outcomes. I am not the decision-maker at my organization. How can I convince my leadership to do this?

It is a rare occurrence when an organization isn’t in need of a “real” conversation connected to achieving outcomes. It is also true that the people who are most often negatively impacted by not having the conversation are usually the people who are not decision-makers or influencers. Let’s talk…call, email, or schedule a consultation with me. I am happy to help you navigate this delicate situation confidentially.



Our board is inefficient and needs to get it together! Do you provide TeamChats for boards?

Indeed! We provide TeamChats for all types of groups and teams including boards. Now, whether a TeamChat is what your board needs at this time is another question. Board development, resets, expansion, strategic planning or other services may be more appropriate. We should talk about it. Contact Me!



We need to have a talk about race and race-equity on my team or at my organization. Is a TeamChat a good way to do this?



If you want to begin a conversation around race or address a specific issue/event that occurred, a TeamChat could be helpful to your team.


If you want to begin “working” on race and race-equity internally then you need DEI & Race-Equity services. A single (or series) of conversations is NOT going to transform your organization into an actively anti-racist organization.



My question is not listed here. How can I get more information?

Please click on the “Set Up a Consultation” button below to schedule up some time for us to talk.

Set Up a Consultation

Due to current recommendations around "physical distancing" because of COVID-19, all services

are being provided remotely at this time.

I look forward to connecting with you in-person soon!

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