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deneisha thompson

Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

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As a natural born leader and true lover of all people, Deneisha has built a strong reputation as a “consultant with a heart” and has over 15 years of experience in strategic planning, group facilitation and retreats used to build strong teams so they can achieve results-based outcomes.

Since 2012, Deneisha Thompson has provided consulting, facilitation, coaching and professional development services to clients working to improve the

lives of individuals, families and communities across the country.

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Fun Fact:

Play a song, Deneisha almost always knows all of the lyrics.


Providing transformational experiences for individuals & teams

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Deneisha is a fierce advocate for oppressed people and their communities. She has helped to build several partnerships in high poverty communities and worked with clients to develop anti-racist practices as well as improve diversity, equity and inclusion for their staff and stakeholders.


As a first-generation American born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Deneisha understands how and why her story is unlikely and could have been very different. She is committed to using her resources, access and voice to help others.


Read her full bio here.

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Deneisha Thompson

Kimise Taylor is an ambitious and driven leader who loves a challenge! She has over a decade of experience providing administrative and operational support to projects and teams. As our Operations Manager, Kimise ensures seamless quality services for each client and project.

Fun Fact:

Kimise makes beautiful handcrafted terrariums.

Kimise graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. She has experience in accounting, operations and human resources.


Kimise is committed to using her skills and voice to help others. In the rare occasion that she has down time, Kimise enjoys biking, music, exploring the outdoors & making someone else's day. Kimise lives in Tampa, FL and can be reached at [email protected]


Read her full bio here.

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Kimise Taylor

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  • We live in an unjust world and feel a sense of urgency around contributing to meaningful change. We only accept clients who are working towards creating a more equitable and just society.



  • We will tell you the truth and provide our best thinking and recommendations whether or not we think it is what you want to hear.

  • We are clear about where we do and do not have expertise. We ensure our clients are always in the best hands, and work to ensure there are never any surprises except for exceeding your expectations!

  • We respect people, communities and staff. We are fierce advocates for doing right by EVERYONE and call out harmful behaviors and practices when we see them.



  • We believe in liberation values which help us to create environments where Authenticity, Belonging, Truth-telling, Self-determination, Inclusion and Equity are valued and woven into every aspect of our work.

  • Much of our work is centered on organizational development through the lens of partnership development, economic mobility, black liberation, community development and fighting the “isms” with a particular focus on racism. We believe in anti-racist principles, disrupt the status quo and practice acts of resistance DAILY.



  • We take pride in our services and work product. We seek to provide our clients with an exceptional experience that provides meaningful and transformative impact.

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